a bit about me:

Hello, my name is Alexis Russell. Ever since I was five I have been around sports. Whether it was softball, volleyball, or track I was also doing something in the sports world. Since sports have always been a big part of my life, it was hard going to college and pulling away from it. After my second semester at Iowa State University, I decided I wanted to get into photography to keep me close to the sports I loved. I currently work as an intern for Cyclone.TV through Iowa States Athletic Department as a photographer. For Cyclone.TV I have done softball, volleyball, men's and women’s basketball, football and more and plan to continue to work till I graduate.

In my spare time, I like to work on my new passion of photography. I enjoy reading, writing and spending time outdoors. I am currently a senior at Iowa State University and will be graduating in the fall of 2022 with a B.S. in Journalism and Mass Communication with a minor in Event Management.